The Gandhaar Amin Project

The new sound of Indian fusion music! Bringing the finesse of modern electronic music production to traditional Indian melodies. Bridging The GAP between the East and the West, the old and the new, tradition and exploration.


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Featuring the brilliant Yamini Lavanian,

Stuck talks about

the uneasy feeling of stagnancy,

of wanting to break out of the mundane,

invisible prison around you... 

a little something we've all experienced this year

27 Ears


Debut album by The GAP, 27 Ears explores decades, and sometimes centuries, old traditional Indian compositions with a twist. A modern electronic music production driven approach makes these melodies more palatable to an urban, western audience. A perfect blend of old and new, east and west, tradition and exploration. Follow The GAP on Spotify to keep updated with tons of new music that's coming out over the next year.


Tradition. Exploration. The GAP.

The GAP is the brainchild of music composer, producer and flute player Gandhaar Amin. Gandhaar started learning Indian Classical music on the bamboo flute at the age of 3, and started performing and touring as an accompanist to his father when he was 8. It was as a teenager that Gandhaar got introduced to musicians from around the world, and he realised that music can cross boundaries and go beyond the confines of any particular genre. This thought, combined with his love for electronic music production, gave birth to the music of The GAP. Soothing Indian melodies laid on a canvas of pumping beats, funky guitars and lush keys give it a unique sound that has enthralled varied audiences.


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