Best Before

New Single By The Gap

Featuring Siddhant Karnick

Best Before Artwork.png

Continuing with his effort to keep expanding the boundaries of musical expression, producer Gandhaar Amin collaborates with popular actor and voice over artist Siddhant Karnick, to create a listening experience like never before. Written by Siddhant while he was in the midst of dealing with tremendous loss and trauma caused by Covid-19, Best Before talks about how our bodies come with an expiry date, and that we shouldn't take that lightly.

Since this is such honest expression of a very personal experience, the only way to really understand what the song talks about is to hear it from the man himself. Here's what Siddhant had to say about Best Before...

"The storm that hit me last year, that took away my hero from me, had a silver lining.

We all come with a use by date. Am I going to allow myself to be unused and rot till I die? 
Or am I going to live this life to the fullest, juice every bit of it, so that when my "Best Before" date comes, I welcome it like how we welcome deep sleep after a long productive tiring day. 

This song represents my understanding of my body and its lifetime; the realization of its vulnerability makes me appreciate life, alot more and sets priorities straight for me. It gives me the clarity that I have been struggling with.

It was inspired at a time when I was going through the worst phase of my life; the virus that crashed unto the world, shattered my home too. It took my father away from us."

Best Before will be out on all major music streaming platforms on June 20, 2021.

Gandhaar Amin

Siddhant Karnick